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Vista Group is the parent to several businesses. Together, we provide software and technology solutions across the global film industry sectors of distribution, exhibition, and the end consumer, moviegoers.

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Vista Group is the place for you. The biggest perk here is freedom to experience, grow and achieve great outcomes together. Everyone is welcome to contribute their own vision and make a difference in the way our business operates. We’ll take you on an exciting journey working with world-leading products at the pinnacle of development practice, while our global offices provide global opportunities.  Come and join our crew of exceptional people!

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Vista is the world leader in cinema management software solutions and founding business of the Group. Vista’s mission is to empower a world of cinema. Learn more about Vista.

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Cinema management software designed and developed specifically for the Small Circuit Market; this cloud-based SaaS product is fully configurable to suit the needs of its users. Learn more about Veezi.

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Global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management software for cinema exhibitors, film distributors, and studios. Learn more about Movio.

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Numero provides an aggregated box office reporting platform delivering clean, fast, and effective information for the global film industry. Learn more about Numero.

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Distribution software for film studios and distributors, covering theatrical distribution, movie prints, advertising, and rights and royalties’ management. Learn more about Maccs.

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Flicks is a leading movie, cinema and streaming website across New Zealand, Australia, and the UK reaching over 1.5 million consumers every month. Learn more about Flicks.

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Powster is an award-winning interactive creative studio and production company for movie distributors and studios, and various major music labels globally. Learn more about Powster.

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